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November 2017

Do You Have Gaps in Home Insurance Coverage?



Developing proper home insurance protection issues financial security for any homeowner.

Comprehensive insurance provides protection for the structure of your home, the contents within it, and the liability risks of owning a home.

As a property owner, individuals face related risks. Insurance should be specific to the property’s value and features. Without it, the home owner could lose their home and face financial ruin as a result of a claim or lawsuit.


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September 2017

The Historic 2017 Hurricane Season and Why Flood Insurance Matters



Hurricanes Harvey and Irma wreaked havoc across the Caribbean and United States this summer. Thousands were left devastated by the damage, and unfortunately, with hurricane season running through November, we may not have seen the last of these storms.

It is estimated nearly 70 percent of homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey did not have flood insurance. The homeowners policies will help them recover from wind and roof damage, but flood damage is not included.

So, it begs the question: Why isn’t a flood insurance policy a no-brainer for all?


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January 2017

5 Reasons to Work with an Independent Ohio Homeowners Insurance Company



Is your home uninsured and you are thinking of changing this? Did you just move to Ohio and are looking for homeowners insurance?

Studies have shown that an estimated 70% of households are underinsured. Are you prepared to pay the costs that would occur if you had to rebuild your home? We have found general questions that  may arise when homeowners are looking for home insurance in Ohio

It’s easy to assume that the homeowner insurance industry is equally competitive with similar rates in all states. However, this is not the case. Ohio has the ninth lowest insurance rates in the country! Why is this you may ask? 


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