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June 2017

The Effect of WannaCry Ransomware and Why Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance



WannaCry – What is it?

Often referred to as the largest global cyber attack in history, WannaCry quickly spread to universities, hospitals and businesses across 150 countries in just a few short days. It left many trying to determine if they should pay the ransom to regain access to their own files, or rely on their backups to avoid giving in to the attackers.


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May 2017

Will Ohio adopt New York's Data Breach Insurance Law?



After six months of deliberation and a period of public comment, the New York State Department of Financial Services implemented a comprehensive cyber security regulation. This regulation went into effect on March 1, 2017.

The first of their kind in the US, these regulations are being purported as a roadmap the rest of the country should be eager to follow, especially in the wake of recent ransomware attacks worldwide.

Other states, including Ohio, are looking to New York's Department of Financial Services for guidance as they reassess their own regulations for cyber security and data breach insurance.


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April 2017

Boat Dealer Insurance: how to keep your business from sinking because of a loss

Boat dealers in Ohio know just how much their customers love being on the water. Most years there's only 3 to 6 months when it's too cold to get out and enjoy their watercraft.  When the time comes to get out on the water, they need you to be there to assist them.  Maybe it's a new boat, maybe it's an accessory, or maybe it's just a service. Have you ever considered what would happen if a customer's boat is vandalized or stolen from your property?  Or what about the child of your customer that's running all over the place while you're helping the parents and the child gets injured?


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March 2017

Jewelry Store Owners: You know the 4 Cs, but do you know the 4 must-have insurance policies?


As a jewelry store owner, you get the opportunity to help your clients with life-changing occasions. Whether it's an engagement, wedding, anniversary or creating the perfect piece. Your customers depend on you to provide a gift that lasts forever. The stakes are high for many reasons other than your commitment to your customers. Dealing with high-value merchandise can be a risky business.

However, one step you can take now is putting the right insurance policies in place.


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